Expansion, humanity has spread through the galaxy from the cradle of the planet Earth.
Downfall, the beautiful story ended. Systems, habitats and colonies were separated by unsurmountable distances.
Three generations ago, humanity has shyly started to cross the abyss of the void, creating a new era of hope: the Rise.
Today, the merchant ships cross the void on new spaceways. They carry in their holds goods and valuables, they make the the prosperity of shipowners and merchants, but also that of those they are the prey: Pyrates and Freebooters.
Successfully, the Five Trades Ligue and the Fleet have used of all their might, and of the power of their Privateers, to end the activities of the void Pyrates, before promises of amnesty. Now, former Pyrates stalk their colleagues still practicing the last War of Race. In the recent years the bell toll for piracy, but some of the Void Wolves refuse to lower the flag...

Between raids on commercial spaceways, far away from all trade routes, in the vicinity of stations dropped, or inhospitable planets whose coordinates are exchanged quietly in the depths of disreputable taverns or shipmans saloon, the Void Beggars narrate their feets and share precious informations...

In THE tavern, the most obscure, the one of wich the ever-changing coordinates are known only by the most formidable marauders, the tavern where some say they clinked glasses with the legendary Worlds Ruiner or the terrible Fool's Lord, a Void Wolf rises and speaks. Everyone knows him : he's The Buzzard. The First Pilot of the Worlds Ruiner, which competed with the Mariner, the Privateer who own the Old Ways, the mythical Arch'Ship armed for battle.

"My friends! Drop your cards for a moment, put down your glasses and wait a bit to finish your latest feets narrative ! You all know me and that I do not mean to speak to say nothing. So, listen to me carefully ..."

I - Ragged Edge rules.

1 - Each pyrate is free to attend all Edges proposed, as Bird Of Prey.
2 - As the Captain is the only master on board during War of Race, Edgers are the sole judges at the Ragged Edge.
3 - Each B’of Prey agrees to use the ship prepared and made available by the Edger. If he seeks to modify her characteristics, propulsion, fuel, weapons, or other, it will be excluded from the Edge.
4 - Each B'of Prey retains the right to withdraw its colors on the ship he will use for the Edge.
5 - Each B'of Prey undertakes to respect the rules of the Edger for the race, which he has freely consented in deciding to participate. If caught cheating, he will be excluded from the Edge.
6 - Each Pyrate, whether spectator, B'of Prey, or backer, keep secret to any person outside the brotherhood the coordinates of the Edges which he is aware. Whoever violates this rule will be punished by death, or marooned forthwith if circumstances permit.
7 - No one should hit anyone else at the meeting place of an Edge. Hitting a member of the Brotherhood is punishable by forty lashes bare back.
8 - The disputes will be settle at the tavern as follows : bare hands or with knives. In the first case, the loser is the one who gives up. In the second case, the winner is the one who spilled the first blood.
9 - For each serious injury, or disability, which can not be cured, received during an Edge, compensation made on the common fund will be allocated.
10 - Each B'of Prey will be judged by Edgers given the qualities he has shown during the Edge, regardless his rank and position in the War of Race, in his crew or his confraternity.
11 - Each B'of Prey will receive the reward provided by Edgers, given its performance, regardless his rank and position in the War of Race, in his crew or his confraternity.

II - Tavern rules

1 - Articles of the Ragged Edge rules in the tavern.
2 - Each pyrate is free to go to the tavern and get served regardless his rank and position in the War of Race, in his crew or his confraternity.
3 - Each pyrate, whether ship’s boy or Captain, will address to the other by mentioning his title of B'of Prey, earned at the Ragged Edge, regardless his rank and position in the War of Race, in his crew or his confraternity.
4 - No one can claim a title thas he has not earned through participation in the Ragged Edge.