Great. I love this game. It has very realistic physics." - Tanner Wilcox

Good game, worth the money !" - KevWylFromLA

I'm all balance board all the way, so I'm impressed how playable the game is using that as the interface..." - Sean Aaron

Equilibrio is one of those games that isn't overly flashy, but has it where it counts. The simple game play design and challenging level set will keep you busy for quite some time, and at a mere 500 Nintendo Points, it's actually a bargain!"
Nintendo Life (7/10) | 10 April 2009

Equilibrio can also use the Wii Fit’s Balance Board in order to shift the levels. For what it’s worth, this is the most appealing, and challenging way to play the game. Some have faulted the balance board for being too sensitive in past games, but Equilibrio seems to be able to hold its own with the peripheral and offer a balanced, experience that works well enough to recommend over the initial Wii remote setup...However, if you’re looking for a quirky and interesting title that utilizes balance board peripheral and does it right, for 500 Wii Points, you really can’t go wrong."
Game Focus (7.1/10) | 27 April 2009

Like a 2D take on Super Monkey Ball, Equilibrio offers a good concept that fits WiiWare well. It's not the most sensational design, but it controls well and is fun."
IGN (6/10) | 6 April 2009