EQUILIBRIO is a game sold on the Wii™ Shop Channel (WiiWare™). DK-GAMES is happy to offer you the game in that free PC version. Have fun.

If you liked EQUILIBRIO and you want to support its author, then buy the WiiWare™, with these extra features:

Thank you for downloading "Equilibrio"

Windows XP / Vista / 7

Download Now! (File size: 25 MB )

Download as ZIP - files inside a ZIP archive ***


Download Now! (File size: 28 MB )

Mac OS (Mac Intel and Mac OS 10.5 minimum)

Download Now! (File size: 25 MB )



You can also download the level editor pack to create your own levels : Download the Equilibrio - Level Editor File size: 8 MB (Windows only).

Levels Extension packs:

(You can send your created level to me, I'll add them into the next level packs. Email is in the game launcher.)