KOHLER Christophe
  Born in 1973  

  5 Rue Bonnel
  11100 Narbonne FRANCE

  Email : christophe.kohler _a_t_




  Professional Experience


- 2016 to now -

CoFounder & CTO at MESHROOM VR [visit meshroomVR website]


Technical director / Lead programmer

VR industrial 3D software based on Unreal Engine 4.


- 2005 to now -

Video Game Developper
DK-GAMES [visit dk-games website]


Manager / Game designer / Programmer


I'm independant game developper. I've decided to create and produce my own games. I'm hiring other independant or companies. (see blow for my others missions)

- UE4 teaching for programmer in high school at Objectif3D Montpellier (PC) 2015 to 2017

- Programming teaching in high school at Itescia Cergy (PC) 2014 to 2017

- Unity 5, hybrid video game project with SpicyBorg games (PC/Android) 2016

Programmer. The prototype have been used to sell the project. It have been then developped by Lucky Duck Games : Chronicles of Crime

- UE4 Mission for VR headset at MindMaze Switzerland (PC) 2016

Game developper, two games on UE4 and VR.

- TOXIC (PC) Oct 2014

FPS 100% audio for blind people. Survival horror. 1h30 of game, real voice actors (about 1h). C++ engine, FMOD for audio. About 1300 audio files. 34 rooms to explore. French version. English version is on the way.

- RAGGED EDGE (PC) HD Version 2014


Futurist racing game for PC (and other home computers). Online version with share of score, games and game data customization.


- RAGGED EDGE (BalckBerry) Jan 2013

- FURNITURE CAD SOFTWARE ( www.monmeuble.com ) 2013

OpenGl advanced rendering for a furniture CAD software

- ANDROID & TIZEN Projects (2012-2013)

Several Android project on the way.

MY FRENCH TEACHER : Speak and Seduce (Samsung Bada) (Dec 2011)

Vocal application to learn french. Situation and dialogues are proposed (with a man or a woman). Ask for a way, compliment, invite. Vocal recognition, to check if your user pronunciation is correct.

- STREET FIGHTING: Volume 1 (Samsung Bada / Android) (Dec 2011)

Digital self defense lesson. Fist hits for that first lesson. Adivces, exercices and illustrated samples (67 pages).

- AMBIANCE ZEN AND RELAX HD (Samsung Bada) (Dec 2011)

Audio ambiance for relaxing. Sea, forest, .... Programmable timer for beeing waked up or shutdown application.

- RAGGED EDGE EXTENDED (Samsung Bada) (Dec 2011)


Sequel to "Ragged Edge". New games modes and tracks. 36 races on 15 tracks.


- RAGGED EDGE (Samsung Smartphone) (Release Dec 2010)


Futurist racing game for smartphone. Finalist of international "Samsung Bada Challenge"



- FIZZ (Nintendo DSi DsiWare) (Release 27 Sept 2010)


DsiWare improved version of my puzzle game FIZZ. (Reviewed 7/10 on NintendoLife)



- WiiWare : Fishie Fishie (Released April 2010 USA, later Europe)


A nice game that player play with only one button. Arcade style, intense action.

See website and trailer HERE. 7/10 on NintendoLife.


- WiiWare : Equilibrio (Released April 2009 Europe and USA. April 2010 Japan)


Since 2008, I've worked on the Wii and the online selling service WiiWare. I've released a game named "Equilibrio" which sold quite well (about 20 000 units). also released in Japan under name of "Katamuki Spirit".


- DS : Lapin Malin, Learn to read and write. (Release June 2008)


Educative game to learn how to read and write. I helped the studio Planet Nemo to create their first game bringing my DS experience and technology.


(voir la bande annonce)

- DS : FIZZ (Release date Q1 2008)


This is an original and addictive puzzle game. Move and turn nodes to align colors and create energy loops.



- DS/PS2/PC : My Little Flufties (Release date Q4 2006 PC, Q3 2007 DS)


Life simulator for childs (4-8). In a feary forest, player have to take care of his cute creatures. Play with them, feed them and educate them.



see credits here







- 2005 to 2016 -

Video Game Developper at VIRTUOS CHINA [visit Virtuos]


Technical Director and developper (external)

Games :

- PS4 & XboxOne : Assassin's creed II Ezio collection (2015-2016)

Engine Programmer. Launch projet on X1 in China (ChengDu). Port engine and tool to directx 12. Programmer on post process (port from AC Black flag).

- PS4 & XboxOne : Batman return to arkham (2014-2015)

Engine Programmer. Port of "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City" from UE3 to Unreal Engine 4. Low level engine programmer.

- PS3 & VITA : FINAL FANTASY X | X-2 HD REMASTER (2012-2013)

Programmer. I worked as a programmer during six month on that great title. My work was:

- Data management and restoration

- PS3 and Vita optimisations

- Full screen effects

- "Last mission" rebuild

- LEAPSTER: Kat's Math-errific Magic Show (2012)

4 months project where I've done all tasks for game design, programming and level design. I worked with client, a producer and an artist team. The game is for Leapster and LeapPad machines.

- Leapfrog, Interactive Books (2011)


Technical study, projet setting, team follow. Sample for "Cars 2" HERE


- X360: Hole In the Wall Kinect (2011) (Release Aug 2011)


Video game adaptation of a famous TV show. Technical dirction and team leading (6 programmers).


- PSP : Monster Jam, Path of Destruction (2010)


Programmation low level engine for PSP version.



- DIDJ : Indiana Jones (DIDJ is an educationnal console from Leapfrog) (Release July 2008)


Indiana Jones is a platformer and educationnal game (Math) based on the Indiana Jones IV movie. I've managed all the programming part (4 programmers) (the rest is done by Virtuos).


Some user comments: (Source Amazon)

“My kids love the Indiana Jones didj game.”
“He is a special needs kid and has taken to this game very well, its great he is learning and doesn't realize it!!”
“I love it and its a great way for her to learn math while having fun!”

- DS : Speed Racer (Release date Q1 2008)


Technical study at beginning of project. The goal was to have a crazy and fast 3D racing game that fits the licence movie, respecting all DS constraints. This was an intersting challenge and I think the goal was reached.





- PS2 : "Back to Sparta" demo (Nov 2007)


During two months I worked on a PS2 prototype of a beat'em all PS2 game for Virtuos. The goal was to create something good looking and evaluate GameBryo engine. This was an interesting challenge because delay was short and I need to take in hand a new Middleware.


- PSP : Beowulf (Release date Q4 2007)

Technical study at beginning of project. The game use UbiSoft internal JADE game engine and editor. I've followed a formation on how to use that tool and report the team the knownledge. This was an interesting experience because that tool is complete and powerful.


- DS : Asphalt 2 (UbiSoft) (Release date September 2006)

Racing game. 3D code on NDS.


- PSP : Street Riders ("187 Ride or Die")  [visit Street Riders Site]


Technical director on UbiSoft Street Riders (port of PS2 "187 Ride or Die"). Game is produced in China and leaded from France. I set up the whole project, defined the working methods, the technical choices, plannings and weekly tasks. Daily support and feedbacks with programmers, code on critical parts (optimizations). 6 months.








- 2003 to 2005 -

Video Game Developper at


Programmer, Playstation2 specialised 

Games :


- PSP PROTOTYPE : Racing Game

Creation of a demo with a car in a background. Use of GCC compilator and Sony PSP emulator. Use of the GU like (OpenGl Oriented).




- COLD FEAR (PS2) : Mission at DARKWORKS [visit DARKWORKS website, COLD FEAR website]


Work on the game COLD FEAR as Playstation2 expert. Work on "Technical Requirement". Specificationb and debug of memory card flows. Help on final game debug. Soumission preparation of game for Europe and US. 2 months mission.





Racing game prototype. Demo show a bike tracked by a car. The demo featured cinematographic cameras. Demo is fully playable at any time.

- Huge delay constraint (2 months of development, 3 people, 1 graphist, 1 game designer and 1 programmer (me) )

- Coding of scripted cameras and new fx : Depth of field, road reflect, speed blur.




Racing game (street racing type)
3D Programmation and low level coding on Playstation2 (file system, memory manager), optimisations, new graphic features, Renderware customization (VU programmation with VCL). Game uses Renderware graphic 3.5 and renderware Audio 3.5 Game released on may 2004.

Full Credits

16 more pictures here





- 2002 -

Video Game Developper


Programmer, Playstation2 Specialised : Lead of PS2 team and R&D

Games :



Racing game, arcade type.

PS2 programmation. Creation of game prototype with a complete playable level.

Port of the Nemosoft racing game to PS2, write new specific parts (display is Renderware 3.4), real time data streaming (datas and musics). Follow the team in Yougoslavia (Belgrade).






18 more pictures here.


- 2000 to 2002 -

Video Game Developper
spinoff of Mathématiques Appliquées S.A. (MASA) [ MASA Website]





Lead of the PS2 port. Rewrite of all specific parts. Lead of a 3 programmer team.

Full Credits





22 more pictures here

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- DINOZ (PS2) :

Write of the low level code for PS2 (file system and input management)

- 1998 to 2000 -

Reel Time Development Engineer                                   
Matra Bae Dynamics [ visit website ]           



  • Development of an embeded system based on motorola 68380 microcontroller. Low level coding, kernel and application in C. Full cycle develpment followinf the V cycle. Support on software (7 months).

  • Upgrade of an embeded system on boatl (Intel 8bits microcontroller) (6 months).

  • Management of a unix software for mission preparation (trajectories computations). Software composed of 44 algorithms. Definition of interfaces between algos. Link between all teams. Support and formation to users on that software (1 year).

  • Study on a naval system based on PowerPC 604 (1 month).


  • International context, strong interaction with UK teams.

  • High level constraints on software (reel time, memory limitation, testing)

  • Method and quality. Development Cycle of softwares since the specification until the delivery to users. Testing on different levels.

  • Differs on projets :Team work or fully autonomous.

  • Lead of some subcontractor.



Electronic and computer science Engineer
E.S.I.E.E (Superior School of Electronic and Electrotechnic) [ visit website ]

  • Scientific learning in mathemathics and physics.

  • Technical learning : Computer science, Micro-informatique, Electronic, Logic, Algorithms, Micro-électronic, Electrotechnic.

  • Automatic Spécialisation : Real time systems, Signal Processing, Modelisation, Commands, Identification, Bond Graphs, Mobile Robotic.



1997 (6 months) - STAGE SEXTANT AVIONIQUE (Vélizy, 78)
    Study of formal langages (Trio software under Unix)

1996 (3 month) - STAGE POLITECNICO DI MILANO (Polytechnic school of Milan, Italy)
   Neural network study (SNNS Simulator under Unix)

1996 (2 month) - STAGE ESIEE
    Creation of an helicopter model using neural networks (C coding)

1995 (2 month) - STAGE ESIEE
    Creation of tool for mesuring exposition time for photographic work (microcontroller 8 bits board, assembley coding)














LANGAGES :     C, C++, Assemblers

TECHNIC for video games :

  • Console System Development (Playstation2, GBA and PSP)

  • 2D and 3D Technics (RenderWare Graphics,DirectX)

OS : PC Windows XP , Unix Solaris 2.x


PC TOOLS:     Dévelopment : CodeWarrior, Visual C/C++
                     Graphic : Photoshop, 3DSMAX, Lightwave
                     Misc : Word, Access, Excel, SourceSafe, CVS


SUN TOOLS :  HP Emulators, PVCS, Interleaf, Framemaker




- Games done in my free time :


Project of plateform/shoot game. Coordination, game design and programmation.


tank game, remake of Armor Attack. 16 levels.

Prototype (Lode Runner remake).




- Other developments :

Small engine that replay messages (DirectX) (1999)

2D Plateform Freeware on Amiga1200 (1996-1998). Wrote in asm to get the best on the hardware. Level editeur also in asm.

Demomaker (1988-1995) (Amiga 1200 et 500). Creation of lot of demos and tools.

Amiga 500 Demo done in 2018 with friends, 1st place at Revision competition




                    Anglais   High level
                    Italian    Average level


SPORT           Self-defense Instructor.

                    Forum animator "vidéo game creation" on a big french website

                    ( www.jeuxvideo.com )